A unique approach to caring and learning

We provide high quality, holistic care and learning to improve the lives of
children and young people through a proven range of practitioner-led services.

Education &
Care Farming
Trauma Recovery

How we help children and young people

We have created a diverse range of care and learning services for
children and young people who face daily challenges.


Offering multiple options of care for those with complex trauma experiences are supported by practitioners providing tailor-made therapeutic support.

The five pillars of our holistic service are:

  • 1

    Providing residential care in family homes to help create the positive,
    stable environments and relationships that young people need.

  • 2

    Offering enhanced foster care across
    the South and South West of England.

  • 3

    Delivering creative and bespoke curriculum to children with complex
    learning needs in classrooms, Care Farms and outdoor education programmes.

  • 4

    Providing nature-based intervention and learning on
    care farms to help with children’s trauma recovery.

  • 5

    Using Eco-therapy, either on day placements or stays,
    to aid trauma recovery for abused or neglected children.

These services have been shaped by a shared passion for what children,
young people and their families have a right to receive, regardless of their background.


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